If you are tired of shaving, waxing, or other methods of removing unwanted hair, you might be looking for a solution that lasts longer. Laser hair removal has been growing in popularity in recent years because it is exactly that: a long-lasting solution. Below, you can read more about this hair removal solution so you can determine whether it might be a good fit for you.

How Does The Laser Work?

The laser used for hair removal is a small beam of light. This beam is aimed with pinpoint precision at each individual hair follicle. As the light penetrates the skin, it goes directly into the shaft of the hair, and then into the root bulb of the hair where it originates. The laser laser is taken into the hair pigment completely, which causes dissolution of the hair.

How Long Does A Laser Hair Removal Session Take?

The length of time involved in laser hair removal session varies considerably from one person to the next. It depends largely upon the size of the area being treated. Large areas, for example the back area, would take considerably more time than a small area like the upper lip. Further, the spacing of the hairs may impact the amount of time needed to perform laser hair removal. In areas with sparse hair growth, there are less individual hair follicles to target. Thus, areas with less hair growth usually require less removal time than areas with dense hair growth.

Are There Any Side Effects With Laser Hair Removal?

Generally, there are few side effects related to laser hair removal. The most commonly reported side effects may include the following:

  • Feeling of warmth during the procedure
  • Redness in the area of skin treated following the procedure
  • Minor swelling of the hair follicle area where the laser was used
  • Breakout at the site of the treatment due to the newly opened hair follicles

The side effects are usually short term, and some people don't experience any side effects at all.

How Often Should You Get Laser Hair Removal?

This can vary by individual. Generally, you will need to return for your next laser hair removal session between four and six weeks if the treatment was on the face. If the laser treatment was on any other area of the body, it might be longer between treatments, possibly up to two months or more.

Your doctor will recommend exactly how often you need to have laser hair removal sessions. If the sessions are timed properly, you can remove the hair in its most active growth phase. A timely removal will give you the best chance of banishing unwanted hair for the longest time! Contact Bijou Medispa for more information.