If you want to continue to keep firm, plump skin, your bedtime is one of the most important times of day. At bedtime, you can concentrate on washing and preparing your face before you go to sleep. Since cellular regeneration tends to happen at night, you should take this opportunity to prepare your skin for the best. Here is a bedtime routine to encourage your skin to remain youthful and tight. 

Wash and tone lightly

Nighttime is the one time where you should wash and tone your face. In the morning, your face should not have much dirt, meaning that you can skip the toning then. At night, wash your face with gentle exfoliation. Do not rub your skin harshly with any rough towels or drag your skin with your fingers. Moving skin around too roughly can encourage the development of wrinkles and discourage the firmness that you want to keep. Use a mild toner to get the dirt out of pores and prepare the skin for your serums. 

Use a serum with collagen 

If you want to keep the skin tight, you need to use a serum with a collagen ingredient. Collagen is the ingredient in the skin itself that produces elasticity and firmness in the skin. To encourage the elasticity that tends to decrease as you get older, invest in a facial firming serum with collagen that works for your skin type. If you have dry skin, you may want to utilize a heavier serum, and if you have oily skin, a serum that is lighter and sinks in easily is a better choice. Apply this after toning before any other products. 

Use a moisturizer and hyaluronic drops

Using your favorite moisturizer in conjunction with a hyaluronic serum will help the moisturizer sink into your skin and provide a little extra kick to the moisturizer. Put a little bit of your moisturizer on one finger, then add a small drop or two of hyaluronic serum to the moisturizer. Mix these ingredients by rubbing your fingers together then gently rub the moisturizer on your face. Be sure to do light circular rubbing motions so that you are not harsh on your skin. 

Get a head pillow and sleep on your back

The worst thing that you can do for your face is to sleep on your facial skin. Sleeping on your back allows undisturbed regeneration time for your skin cells. To make you more comfortable, consider getting a U-shaped pillow that will cradle your head comfortably and keep your skin healthy.