Do you want to have a long, healthy beard? You may have noticed some people have fantastic beards while others have beards that look too dried out and unhealthy. If you're ready to grow in a beard that is much fuller and longer, but doesn't look wild and is properly tamed, there a few different products you should start using right away.

Shampoo and Condition

If you thought the traditional bar of soap was cutting it, think again! You should treat your beard the same way you'd treat the hair on your head. Instead of using a bar of soap to keep it clean, shampoo your beard to remove all the excess dirt and oil and then condition it to keep it moisturized and looking smooth.

Use a Small Comb

When you brush your beard to remove those unwanted knots, the hair may start looking puffy and wild. If you'd like to prevent this from happening, use a small comb to work your way through the beard hair and remove any of those frustrating knots that may have developed over time.

Don't Forget the Detangling Spray

Some beards get knottier than others. If you're dealing with a lot of knots and it's quite painful trying to get through them with the small comb, use a detangling spray before you even start the combing process. There are tons of detangling products on the market, but make sure you're choosing one that is known for conditioning the hair and providing extra moisture so that your beard will remain soft instead of rough and tangled.

Apply a Natural Beard Growth Oil                                               

Once you've combed through your beard, apply a few drops of a natural beard growth oil, such as from Beard Farmer. The oil is great to use for several reasons. It's composed of natural ingredients that are known to encourage hair growth, helping you get the longer beard you've always wanted. The main ingredients don't just moisturize the hair, but also the skin underneath it. In addition to these benefits, the beard growth oil works well at keeping the hair hydrated and soft throughout the day.

Having a beard that is long, hydrated, and healthy does take work, but it's feasible. Start shampooing and conditioning the hair on your face, use a comb instead of a brush, don't forget to apply detangling spray to help with knots, and use the natural beard growth oil daily to keep your beard hydrated while encouraging faster hair growth. If you take proper care of your beard each day, it's going to look amazing.