If you are someone who has thinner or shorter hair than you would like, then you may have considered asking your stylist about hair extensions. Hair extensions work well for many, but there are a lot of misconceptions floating around about these beauty aids. If you want to get them yourself, then you deserve to know the truth! Read on to learn about four common extension myths.

Myth #1: Extensions keep your hair from growing

Some women claim that once you get extensions, you can never go back because the extensions prevent your hair from growing out. It is true that many women who get extensions stick with them—but that's because they love the look, not because the extensions make their hair stop growing. As long as you are careful when putting the extensions in and taking them out, you will cause little to no damage to your real hair. Have your stylist watch you insert the extensions and take them out to ensure you are doing it properly.

Myth #2: Extensions never look natural

Clearly, the pink hair extensions and plastic-like ones you purchased from the dollar store as a child never looked natural. But hair extensions have come a long way in recent years, and salon-quality ones are often made from natural hair—or at least hair that nobody will ever know is not real. Have your stylist dye the extensions to match your natural color, and nobody will know you are wearing them.

Myth #3: Hair extensions are hard to style

Actually, you can put extensions in and then style your hair just as you would with natural hair. Just don't attempt any styles that have you pull the hair straight back from your scalp, as this may expose the extensions. You can curl, straighten, and crimp extensions just like natural hair. Just make sure you use styling products that are deemed safe for extensions.

Myth #4: Extensions are only for women with textured hair

A lot of women with textured hair do choose to wear extensions to achieve a straight look. It's easier to put in straight hair extensions than to straighten very curly hair. However, extensions can work for anyone with any hair type. Even if your locks are thick and full, extensions can give you a bit more length. If you are happy with your length but it is thin, you can use extensions just to add body.

To learn more about hair extensions, reach out to your stylist.