Cancer may still be something you're struggling with, even weeks after diagnosis. You might want chemotherapy because you think it will kill the disease but dread it because you already have some suppositions about how the sessions will go. These chemo recommendations could ease concerns.

1. Get Chemo Cold Caps

If you're distressed about losing hair, this a concern that's valid. One obvious sign that someone's gone through treatments is that some, or in some cases all, of their hair is lost. However, chemo cold caps may help. These caps are worn during all sessions and cool your head. In some cases, the caps are recommended for wearing after and before sessions too. The caps work by cooling down the head--more specifically, the hair follicles.

When the follicles are cool, the blood vessels servicing them constrict. This is important; that constriction can block the chemotherapy drugs coursing through the body. The follicles may also slow down their own metabolic actions when cooled, so they're less likely to accept and interact with those drugs. The end result should be that hair can be preserved and that you may be able to get through all your treatments without losing substantial amounts.

You may rent cold caps yourself, but some facilities keep them onsite so that they can be put in dry ice and their temperature maintained. Of course, your oncologist should be consulted before deciding to use cold caps.

2. Use Car Services

A stressful part of preparing yourself for your treatments is determining how you'll get to them. You might already expect to feel run-down or sick when they're over, so you may realize others will be needed. However, your relatives, spouse, and friends, because of work, might have trouble coordinating their schedules with you. You and they may feel uncomfortable and sad about it, and you might feel awkward even asking.

Using rented car services, you can simply schedule the transport you require. It won't be as irritating as standing at a bus stop or train platform, and you won't feel guilty about needing rides from personal contacts. Also, you won't feel pressure to chat with your driver about your feelings or how the treatment went. You can ask the driver to keep appropriate bags in the car in case vomiting cannot be avoided.

Coping with emotions during this time is enough without additional worries. Renting a car and using cold caps can allay some related stressors so your focus can be recovery and rest.