Wouldn't it be inspiring if you could use body contouring to gently sculpt your body into the silhouette you have always wanted? While it may seem like a dream, the fact is that modern Coolscupting techniques can help you to lose fat accumulations in stubborn areas. Here are three signs you are a great body contouring candidate. 

1. You Have Body Fat You Want to Lose

Coolsculpting uses an innovative technique to freeze fat on the spot, allowing the body to reabsorb the frozen, dead fat cells over a period of a few months. However, before you can have Coolsculpting done, you will need to have body fat in areas where you want to lose that fat. Spots that could be great for Coolsculpting include your stomach, arms, thighs, tummy, and flanks. 

Look at your body and evaluate where you would want to lose fat β€” and whether or not it would be an option for you. Since Coolsculpting can help you lose as much as 25% from targeted areas, it could help you to completely adjust the way your body looks.  

2. You Are Close to Your Target Weight 

Since Coolsculpting is done to help contour fat and not remove it completely, you should be relatively close to your target weight before getting the procedure done. Unlike liposuction, Coolsculpting is not performed to help you to lose large amounts of fat. 

Instead, it is done to help to contour the fat you already have, helping your body to rid itself of excess curves. You shouldn't turn to Coolsculpting to help you to remove large amounts of body weight, but instead to tweak your existing body shape. 

3. You Can't Accommodate Down Time

One of the neatest things about Coolsculpting is that unlike with surgical procedures, there is no downtime. After meeting your doctor at their office and undergoing the procedure, which gently kneads and freezes your fat with a simple system that moves over your body, you can return back to your normal, everyday activities with no interruption. As a result, you can enjoy amazing results without missing work, making friends suspicious about how you are losing fat, or being away from your family. 

If you suspect that you would be a great candidate for Coolsculpting, talk with a professional plastic surgeon in your area. In addition to showing you great before and after photos of procedural results, doctors can also chat with you about how to adjust your expectations about the procedure. Contact someone in your area soon if you have questions.