If you are looking to get a different haircut style and dye and you are nervous about trying out a new hair salon, you need to ask some important questions when you start to call around. You want to be sure that they have stylists that can do what you want, and that they are in the right price point. Do the following so you can find the best salon for your achieved look.

Know What You Want When You Call

You need to know what the cost could be before you get to the salon so you are prepared and have the money. If you are getting a cut, partial highlight, lowlights, or you want a deep condition, you want to be very detailed about what you want.

The salon must book you enough time with the stylist when you give the list of what you want, and then they can give you a more accurate cost. This helps make scheduling and budgeting more realistic.

Explain Your Hair and Desired Look

You want to let the appointment scheduler know if you have curly hair, if you have black or heavily dyed or treated hair, or if you are looking for a unique color. The salon may have specialists that work with bright dye colors, ethnic hair styles and more. This way you get the right professional for the look you want.

Look at Pictures First

Most salons and many different stylists have their own social media pages. This allows you to see the work of people that work at that salon, and if they have done what you are looking for. Let them know when you book if you have seen some pictures of a specific person's work, and if you hope to get in with that specific stylist or someone that is capable of doing what you have seen from that stylist.

Go into the salon and have a picture of what you want your hair to look like, to make sure that there is no confusion between what you want and what the stylist thinks that you are describing. Trying out a new hair salon can make you nervous and if you want to get a new hairdo, you just have to take your time to find the right stylist that can give you the look that you want, and that you can return to.

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