When you go to the tanning salon to get a sunless tan, you want your skin to hold onto that tan for as long as possible. When you tan in those months that you aren't in the sun, it may fade much faster than if you are in the sun. To help keep your tan longer, there are a number of things you can do. Read on for tips to help you keep your tanned skin longer and to prevent it from fading.


Moisturizing your skin helps prevent your skin from drying out. When your skin dries out, the dead skin cells flake off, which can also be flaking off your tanned skin, exposing lighter skin beneath. If you don't moisturize, you could be causing your tanned skin to come right off. Moisturizing daily can help prevent this from happening to you. Use a thick, creamy moisturizer that helps hold the moisture in your skin. Be sure to moisturize your entire body, not just your arms or your face. Moisturize the other parts of your body you want to hold in a tan as well, such as your legs, belly, and back.

Exfoliate Before Tanning

Before you begin tanning, you should exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells. Be sure to use a natural loofah to remove the dead skin cells and to prevent damage to your skin. Exfoliate often to make your skin smooth and free of these dead skin cells. Be sure you are moisturizing after you exfoliate. Exfoliate when you shower or do a dry exfoliation before you shower.

Use Sunless Tanning Products

Using sunless tanning products while you use the tanning bed can help you hold your tan longer and can also enhance your tan as well. Only use sunless tanning products made for the tanning bed, not anything you would use in the sun, and never use any type of sunscreen before going into the tanning bed. Sunless tanning products made for the tanning bed will be sold at your local tanning salon. Use the products sold there to see which one works best for you.

If you are tanning to keep a year-round tan, or you just like the look of tanned skin, you can use a tanning bed to achieve this. To help hold in your tan for longer, use the tips above to help you. Contact a tanning salon for more information.