Taking your child for their first hair cut is such a milestone! You might be surprised how quickly your child is ready for their first hair cut. But as challenging as the experience can be for the parents, it can be even more challenging for the child who does not know what's happening or what to expect. Rest assured—your child's first hair cutting appointment can go smoothly. You'll just want to follow these tips to help make sure it does.

1. Make an appointment with a stylist who specializes in kids.

Most hair stylists will accept appointments for kids. But for your child's first appointment, you really want to see someone who specializes in kids and focuses on them. You can usually find such a stylist by calling around to larger salons. Most will have a stylist or two that they assign the kids' hair cuts to. Such a person is less likely to be alarmed if your child feels nervous, starts crying, or is not on their best behavior. They probably even have go-to tactics for dealing with such challenges.

2. Bring distractions.

Bring a few of your child's toys and maybe even their favorite book to their first hair cut appointment. This way, you have a way to distract them if the stylist needs them to stay still for a bit. You can talk to them about a toy while showing it, or you can read a few lines from a book to keep their attention, as needed.

3. Let them watch you first.

If you can find a stylist who is willing to work on both kids and adults, schedule your own hair cut just before your child's. This way, your child can watch you get your hair cut, which will give them a better idea of what to expect when they get their own hair cut.

4. Don't have them sit in front of a mirror.

If you're with a stylist who has cut a lot of kids' hair, they will probably recommend this without you having to ask. But if they don't, definitely request it. Have them cover the mirror or trim your child's hair away from a mirror. This way, your child won't be scared by seeing the scissors coming towards their head.

With the tips above, you can help the hair cutting experience go more smoothly for your little one. They'll get used to it in no time!