If you are wanting to keep your skin looking its best, there are a number of procedures and treatments that may be needed. Hydrafacial treatments are one option that will provide patients with dramatic improvements to the appearance and health of their skin, but it is a procedure that can be very misunderstood due to some assumptions that can be easy for an inexperienced patient to make.

Assumption: Hydrafacial Treatments Are Only Effective For Individuals With Dry Skin

One of the primary advantages of hydrafacial treatments is the versatility of this procedure. Unlike many other skin treatments that are specifically designed for certain skin types, hydrafacial treatments are compatible with every skin type. The exact solutions that are used in these treatments can be customized to the skin type of the patient, which allows you to get quality results whether your skin is dry or oily.

Assumption: A Hydrafacial Treatment Will Take A Long Time To Complete

Hydrafacial treatments can offer dramatic results for patients, but this should not lead you to assume that these treatments will take a very long amount of time to complete. In most cases, a patient will be able to have their hydrafacial treatment completed in as little as half an hour. This can be important as individuals may need to undergo these treatments at regular intervals if they are to maintain optimal results from this procedure.

Assumption: The Hydrafacial Treatment Process Will Be Unpleasant

Unfortunately, individuals may assume that a hydrafacial treatment will be uncomfortable or even painful to undergo. In reality, a patient is unlikely to feel any discomfort during this procedure. Following the procedure, the skin may be slightly tender as it will have been thoroughly exfoliated during the hydrafacial treatment. However, this will be extremely mild, and it should pass very quickly.

Assumption: A Hydrafacial Treatment Is Needed Every Week To Keep The Results

Generally, the results of a traditional facial will be relatively short-lived. Not surprisingly, some individuals may need to undergo a facial each week to maintain these results. However, a hydrafacial treatment will actually provide very long-lasting results. In most cases, a person will continue to notice benefits from this treatment for several weeks after the procedure has been completed. While maintenance treatments will be needed, you may be able to go for a month or two before you need to undergo a maintenance treatment. 

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