When you walk into a barbershop, you will quickly realize that you have a vast range of cuts for men to choose from. This variety can be overwhelming for some individuals. As such, they tend to stick to their regular haircut under the presumption that it has been working for them for years on end. However, if you want to refresh your appearance and perhaps elevate your haircut or make it more youthful, you may want to consider changing it to a new style.

The mistake that some men make when selecting a new cut is simply choosing what is trendy without taking into account whether it will complement their unique appearance. The best option is to factor the shape of your face so that the new haircut frames it in the best possible light. This piece lists a few nifty tips for matching your haircut to the shape of your face.

Square faces

If your face is square-shaped, it is characterized by having a strong jawline. Additionally, you may have high cheeks bones that have a similar width to your jaw, forehead, and hairline. With that said, you can make the most of these defined features in several ways. The first is by choosing a haircut that will balance out your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead, and the best option for doing so is by choosing a short haircut, such as a buzz cut.

On the other hand, if you are not interested in cutting off your hair, you can opt to emphasize your strong jawline by choosing a tapered haircut. Having the hair trimmed short on the side while leaving it longer at the top will make your jaw stand out while still allowing your cheekbones and hairline to appear uniformly proportioned.

Round faces

Men with round faces tend to have softer features than their square-shaped face counterparts do. Hence, when deliberating on haircuts for men, you should be aiming for elongating the face rather than making it look more circular. With that in mind, you need to steer clear of any cuts for men that would flatten the top of your head, as this will enhance the roundness of your face. Instead, gravitate towards cuts that will work to add height to your face.

Start with a bald fade that will shave the hair around the nape of your neck and the sides, creating the illusion of decreased width from the neck towards the ears and cheekbones. Secondly, maintain as much length as possible but opt for an asymmetrical cut, as this asymmetry will make your face look more angular than it is. You could also request the barber to style the haircut with a side part.

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