Are you ready for a major appearance upgrade? You've had the same hairstyle for years—and want to make a change for the summer. If you're not sure which hair salon to choose, what style is the right option for your mini makeover, or whether you may need additional services (such as a color or treatment), take a look at the questions to ask right now.

Do You Need A Stylist Who Specializes In A Specific Hair Type?

Curly, coily, wavy, thinning, thick, frizz-prone, and other types of hair require specialized care. But if the stylist doesn't have expertise or experience in the area you need help with, your new 'do may turn into a major don't. Before you select a salon, ask your would-be future stylist to explain how they would approach your hair. 

Does the Stylist Have A Portfolio?

The stylist gave you a verbal description of what they offer. Now that you know the hair pro has experience working with your type of hair, you're ready to book an appointment—or at least, you think you are.

If you want to know more about the stylist, ask to see a portfolio. A portfolio should include clear photos of past clients or hair models. 

How Can You Choose One Style?

Start with the stylist's portfolio—especially if it features similar hair types (as yours) or looks you love. While photos from websites, Instagram, or celeb pics may give you inspiration, these examples may not translate well into real-life or fit into the stylist's area of expertise. 

Celebrity styles or complex cuts may look amazing on someone else. But these cuts or colors may not work well with your face shape, facial features, or personal style. Instead of trying to recreate someone else's look, talk to your stylist about how they could translate the 'do. They may have suggestions or other options (either based on the look or not) that you haven't thought of. 

Should You Add In A Color Service?

Hair salon services include more than just cuts and styles. A new color is one way to reimagine your existing look. Again, a hue you've seen online, on social media, or on the cover of a magazine may not (or may) work for you. Talk to your new stylist/colorist about whether the shade is the right option for your summer style upgrade.

What Other Services Do You Need?

Along with a cut, style, and color, you may also want to explore treatment options. If your hair is frizzy, unruly, damaged, or lacks moisture, treatments are restorative services that may add the luster and shine your locks lack.

Contact a hair salon to learn more.