Individuals who experience hair loss may have concerns about their appearance. They may try a variety of products to protect their existing hair and replace the hair that they have lost. It can be frustrating not to see any hair growth. There might also be fears about whether more hair loss will occur. Therapeutic hair transplant treatments are a viable way to correct hair loss. It is an ideal treatment for men and women. The following points highlight some of the key reasons to consider this solution.

Lasts a Lifetime

These procedures involve transplanting hair into existing follicles, and the results are long-lasting. The transplanted hair is like many other types of body implants and transplants. The results vary from person to person. There are factors that may affect the longevity of the transplanted hair. Some individuals have ailments or may develop them in the future. However, therapeutic hair transplants can be expected to last a lifetime for most individuals.

Precise Hair Replacement

Some individuals have concerns about whether it will be obvious that they have had a therapeutic hair transplant. The transplanted hair blends in with natural hair seamlessly. No matter where the transplanted hair is placed, the results will be remarkable and appear realistic. Some individuals have receding hairlines. The procedure can fix this cosmetic issue with a precise hairline. 

Minimally Invasive

Therapeutic hair transplants involve removing hair from follicles that produce hair and transplanting the hair into follicles that have stopped producing hair. The process can be considered minimally invasive because individuals can remain awake during their procedures. Strong anesthesia is usually not needed. Local anesthesia is a common choice and is administered in the donor and recipient sites of the head. The donor site is the area where hair removal occurs. The recipient site is the area where the transplanted hair is placed. The process involves minimal surgical instruments to remove and transplant hair.

Fast Recovery Time

Individuals can expect a fast recovery time. The transplant heals in a matter of a couple of weeks. The newly transplanted hair is treated like natural hair. It can be dyed, washed, and will grow along with natural hair. 

A therapeutic hair transplant treatment provider is a good resource to use to determine if you are a good match for this procedure. They can help you understand the process and the expected results. You can also get a better idea of the anticipated healing time.