Spring is coming fast- do you need a fresh look and new color to bring in the season? Trade in last year's hue for something different and definitely trendy this year. 

Some of the hottest hair colors for spring include these shades: 


Trending hair colors usually include an icy blonde of some sort, but this spring the look is platinum. As the weather warms, many blondes want a brighter look while many brunettes simply want something different. Platinum is making a big return, but with warmer tones that flatter all skin colors. 

Rose Gold

The fresh metallic colors don't end with platinum; another one of the cool colors this spring is rose gold. This shiny, rosy shade is softer and more organic looking than other all-over pink colors, and the golden shine brings an ethereal appearance to facial features. Rose gold is hot this spring and will likely remain a popular pick all summer long, into fall. 


When previewing some popular hair colors for 2023, one color may surprise you: Sand. Sand is a great neutral color for both blondes and brunettes, bringing shine and low-lights to the hair. Consider sand to be the new 'mushroom', popular among a wide range of hair clients, flattering for most skin, and effortless looking. Ask your hair colorist for samples and photos of clients who have taken the leap to sand in their salon; the results are compelling! 


Don't get champagne mixed up with rose gold; each is quite distinctive. Champagne remains a popular choice for blondes when they want shimmering highlights. The effect is striking and very shiny, and color customers continue to request this multi-dimensional shade widely. 


If you want a darker color, one of this year's hottest is violet brunette. The difference from last spring is that this year's color has more plum and cherry tones, giving brown and black hair a fun, fresh twist this spring. It is a fun look, without the commitment of an all-over purple or pink color. 


Still unsure? Go with a low-light ombre. The different shades blend, creating an entirely different color from top to bottom. Usually, the more saturated color is at the crown, while the descending tones lighten and brighten to your ends. This is a natural look that makes growing out your hair easy and stylish, too. An ombre coloring pairs well with layers, as well as with textured and choppy cuts. 

Visit a local hair salon and talk to the stylist about these color trends. Bring in spring with a fresh color and a new look!